Bradley Family Urges Community to Eat Locally With Fun Contest


Wellington City Police Chief Rory Bradley and his wife, Sarah, are very invested in their town, including those that reside and do business within it. As the battle to combat COVID-19 continues, restaurants strive to keep bellies full and their doors, figuratively, open.

Recognizing the need for this, the Bradley duo has created a fun and friendly competition for the community that they run through Facebook. This began when they encouraged all to enjoy a delicious and hearty meal at the Cowboy Club. They urged those that took advantage of the curbside pickup to snap a photo and tag one of them. Completing this put their names in a drawing for $100.

Then, on April 8, Rory went live on Facebook to show that they picked the winner through a Google number generator. With lucky number 28, Brandon Olsen was the recipient of $100.

Next up, the family urged all to take advantage of the drive-thru at Los Jilbertos for a week with the same rules and results. The winner of this particular contest will be announced on April 15.

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