Bread and Soup Fundraiser Raised Lots of Dough for the Carbon/Emery Food Bank


A 15 year stable in Carbon County has once again helped make a difference in the lives of area residents. Bread and Soup Night that is organized and ran by USU Eastern’s Sun Center generated $3,680 to help fill the shelves of the Carbon County Food Bank.

Food Bank director Collette Freestone explained that they distribute 38,000-40,000 pounds of food each month. The largest demand for food happens in October. The need tapers a little over the holidays and then rises again in January. The food bank serves 450-500 families a month in Carbon County and 150-170 in Emery County.

Freestone says that the grocery stores in the area also donate food on a regular basis. Walmart usually brings donations daily and the Utah Food Bank delivers three times a month. Community food drives help, but are a drop in the bucket of what is needed.

Freestone said that while at any given time someone may see shelves looking full, this is misleading because food is delivered quickly. Also, because donations are not screened, sometimes supplies such as a case of Tostitos will take up a lot of space, but offer little nutritional value.

Seniors on fixed incomes and single parents make up the majority of those in need of food. New families are coming in weekly. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or food stamps was cut in September. It looks like that program may face additional cuts, forcing more to look to food pantries as a way to make ends meet.

USU Eastern Sun Center is dedicated to helping meet this need. The Bread and Soup Night is held on Monday nights during November. Director of dining Becky Archibald, provides all the soup, bread and other food served during the fundraiser so that 100% of the money raised goes to the food bank.

Bread and Soup Night really becomes a campus wide event. Sun Center students and others set up shifts to serve and clean up. Even the administration, including Chancellor Peterson, take turns serving.

Over the 15 years the Sun Center has been conducting Bread and Soup Night, they have raised almost $40,000. This year’s total was the second highest amount ever made.

Student representative Makayla Chadwick said this is a service project they all look forward to doing and was pleased to be on hand to present the check to the food bank.

Food donations are always needed at the Carbon County Food Bank. Freestone worries that donations will drop during the summer months when needs are high.

Donations can be dropped off directly at the food bank.

Pictured above are Vicki Kulow, Becky Archiblad, Kayla Chadwick, Terry Johnson and Collette Freestone.

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