Broadhead Pleads Guilty to 15 Charges


Christopher Norman Broadhead, who was booked in the Carbon County Jail last December on 29 related charges, appeared before 7th District Court Judge George Harmond Monday morning where he pled guilty to several amended charges brought before him.

The proceedings began by amending several of the counts, including reducing two second-degree felonies of burglary of a dwelling and theft to third-degree felonies. A third-degree felony of burglary was also reduced to a Class A misdemeanor.

Broadhead also had 15 Class A misdemeanors for burglary of a vehicle dropped at the proceedings although 10 Class A misdemeanors for the same charge and two Class B misdemeanors for criminal mischief remained the same.

Broadhead, who is represented in the proceedings by David Allred, pled guilty to all amended and unchanged charges while in court.

Further proceedings were scheduled for April 17 before which Broadhead was ordered to, if accepted, attend and complete a treatment program to which he had applied previously. A pre-sentencing report will also be generated before the next date.

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