Broadhead Sentenced to Treatment, Restitution Following Auto Burglaries


Christopher Norman Broadhead, booked into the Carbon County Jail in December following a number of auto burglaries, appeared Monday morning in the Seventh District Court of Price to be sentenced for a number of charges associated with his December booking.

Among the charges included a charge for burglary of a dwelling and theft, both third-degree felonies, as well as 10 counts of burglary of a vehicle and a single count of burglary, class A misdemeanors, and two class B misdemeanors for criminal mischief.

The 32-year-old reportedly appeared with a representative from The Other Side Academy, where he is currently participating in a treatment program.

The court, figuring that if Broadhead were sentenced to prison his victims would have a lesser chance at restitution, sentenced Broadhead to finish his treatment program and pay restitution, which was set at a total between $1,000 and $2,000 according to the Carbon County Attorney’s Office.

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