Broomhilda Makes Potions At Castle Valley Center


Jennifer Clark, also known as Broomhilda, visited the Castle Valley Center to tell stories and make potions with the school’s students. With help from Castle Valley students, Broomhilda concocted potions with a variety of ingredients including rare dragon spit.

Clark lives in Wellington with her three children and currently works as an art teacher at Wellington Elementary. She has created potions in her art class at Wellington Elementary, at kid parties and at Castle Valley Center. During Halloween time, you can always find her house spruced up for the holiday.

“I started a couple years ago and thought I would publish a book with potions in it, but the ingredients were too risky,” Clark said. “In the meantime, I’ve been trying to find safer potions.”

She normally writes novels and currently has three books. Her first one is “Mark of Royalty.” She also wrote “Bonds of Loyalty” and “Knight of Redmond.” She hopes to eventually publish her potion book.

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