Bruce Bean Takes on New Roles Within Carbon School District


As a whole, Carbon School District has been stated to be a complex organization complete with many moving parts. Superintendent Lance Hatch recently spoke on a relocation of one Carbon High School employee to the district as well as the restructuring being completed at the high school.

Supt. Hatch explained that currently, there is one employee in charge of the maintenance of all of the buildings and grounds, construction and capital projects, transportation and student data maintenance. These areas have grown each year with new state board rules and legislation.

In conjunction with that, there are other legislative and state board regulations that are requiring a review and restructure of fundraising, student fees and fee waivers. Further even than that, Supt. Hatch spoke on a need to communicate clearly to all district coaches, staff and parents, regardless of location.

“In recognition of these issues, we sought a solution that would involve soliciting the help of someone experienced and capable of making a difference,” Supt. Hatch stated.

Enter soon-to-be former Carbon High School Principal Bruce Bean. Following the conclusion of the school year, Bean will serve as the transportation director for the district. Supt. Hatch stated that Bean has worked with transportation for the entirety of his career and understands the importance of the service the transportation department provides.

This venture will reduce the load on other administrative staff while also making it possible to complete more in other areas. Not stopping there, Bean is also going to serve as the Carbon School District Athletic Director. Supt. Hatch expressed that no one else knows more about the inner-workings of athletics on a local and state level.

Bean will assist in the development of new systems and procedures as well as conduct the training of coaches and parents. A number of other responsibilities will fall to Bean as well in regards to the athletic director role.

“He is a leader who has a great track record in working with parents and students on difficult issues as well as supporting staff members,” said Hatch.

Bean’s next chapter leaves a need for new employment at the high school. Interviews for the new principal as well as the assistant principal will take place on Feb. 11 and 12. An announcement of the chosen candidates is anticipated to be made around Feb. 19 or sooner, depending on the process.

“It’s a good thing; it really is. it is a good opportunity for me. That’s the bottom line, it’s a good opportunity for me,” Bean said. “Sometimes. we’re not really ready for change in our lives, but when we have an opportunity, we need to take those opportunities.”

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