Bruce Wilson Resigns as Chairman of Emery County Public Lands Council


Former Emery County Public Lands Council Chairman Bruce Wilson resigned from his post Tuesday at the council’s monthly meeting. Edward Geary was nominated and ultimately elected to replace Wilson.

“I have enjoyed my time here and this council is a wonderful thing for the county,” he said.

Justin Hart, a Division of Wildlife Resources representative, reported that the Utah Chub have made it very difficult to stock other species of fish in Joe’s Valley Reservoir. Trout suffer because the Chub have invested themselves very heavily in the reservoir.

“We have stopped stocking Rainbow Trout because we didn’t get any return on them,” Hart said. “We tried Tiger Trout in 2004 and 2005 and we didn’t get a return on them.”

The division has had to change regulations to try to get the Chub population down. Hart discussed using fish removers such as Rotenone. However, cold water coupled with deep water in Joe’s Valley would necessitate the reservoir be almost drained to take care of the problem. To help with the problem, Tiger Muskies have been introduced into the waterway. To date, the largest Tiger Muskie caught has measured 34 inches. Tiger Muskies are very aggressive and should help with the Chub problem.

Other notes from the meeting:

  • Hart also reported the DWR will begin a coyote program July 1. A hunting license won’t be necessary, but a hunter will have to sign up on the DWR’s website before collecting on the $50 bounty per coyote. Payments won’t start until September 1. In order to receive the bounty either the carcass or the pelt with the lower jaw attached will have to be brought to the nearest DWR office.
  • The School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration reported that auctions for five parcels of land owned by Emery County went well. Four of the parcels were put up in a public auction.
  • A Manti-La Sal National Forest representative came and spoke about some of the activities that were going on in the county such as the “National Get Outdoors” day that will take place this Saturday. He also stated that because of dry weather prescribed burns will not take place. The grazing season for cattle on the desert has been shortened because of the dry weather also.
The council will next meet June 28 for a field trip with the Forest Service.


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