Bruin Point Back-to-School Night Gets Sweeter with $4,000 Donation


As students and their families gathered for back-to-school night at Bruin Point Elementary on Tuesday, the night was made even better when Miners Trading Post donated a $4,000 check to the school.

The funds donated come from Miners Trading Post’s annual parking lot party. The event features live entertainment, food, a raffle and much more.

“We really appreciate the effort that they put into helping our school,” newly-appointed principal Dina Wise said about Miners. “They are the first ones that welcomed me into the community and gave me the opportunity to get out and meet people.”

The first purchase to be made with the donation is buying a Bruin Point t-shirt for every student, teacher and faculty member at the school. Students are then encouraged to wear the shirt every Monday for Spirit Day. Remaining money will be used to make purchases per teachers’ requests for school supplies that are not part of the school’s budget.

“I don’t want my teachers taking money out of their own pocket to provide for their students,” Wise said. “That just eases that burden for teachers so that they can have additional supplies in their classrooms so they can support their students.”

Students and faculty thanked Miners with a banner they had decorated themselves. Back-to-school night continued as 120 attendees enjoyed food and presentations from teachers on the upcoming year.

Wise explained that the teachers have many things planned for the new year. The principal, in her first year at Bruin Point, is also focusing on this year’s theme of “Attitude is Everything.” Wise encourages parents to support their children’s education as faculty and staff work toward high student achievement.

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