Bruin Point Bears Show Off Their Fuzzy Friends for a Good Cause


For the fourth consecutive year, the student body of Bruin Point Elementary (BPE) gathered on the school’s field to welcome their four-legged, scaled, furry and small family members for Pet Day.

Staple pets such as cats and dogs were featured in a plethora. However, more unique pets such as chickens, fish, hamsters, snakes and more were also welcome at the event for perusal and enjoyment. Awards such as the Perfect Pet Award were also announced during the event.

The excitement of seeing and playing with pets is not the only purpose of the pet day, however. To welcome a pet to the event, students had to pay a fee of $1 and the money raised is historically donated to the Carbon County Animal Shelter.

Oftentimes, students will also donate blankets, food and more for the animals staying at the shelter. This year, a grand total of $31 was raised by BPE for the shelter.

“Thank you to our student leaders and Mrs. Sondi for making today possible,” school staff shared.

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