Bruin Point Elementary Learns and Explores with the National Guard


Members of the National Guard recently visited Bruin Point Elementary for a hands-on educational experience.

Throughout the day, students from each class had a chance to speak with soldiers about their role in the military. Additionally, children were able to explore a military vehicle and try on some equipment that the soldiers wear.

“Bruin Point is thankful for all the service people who commit their support to our country,” the school shared on social media. “We have two veterans on our awesome staff at Bruin Point, Mr. Behn and Mrs. Sanderson.”

Students at the school also took some time to express their thanks to the members of the National Guard for the sacrifices they make for the country and their dedication to serve.

“We were especially excited to have the National Guard come and share some information, allow us to explore their equipment and to let us show them our thanks,” the school concluded.

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