Bruin Point Receives Title 1 Reward


Schools throughout Utah were recognized by the State Office of Education as Title 1 Reward schools on Nov. 28. Fifty-one elementary and secondary schools from Utah, otherwise known as the top 15 percent of Utah’s Title 1 schools, received the honor of being a reward school by the state office.

Title 1 schools are located in poverty-stricken areas. The schools receive additional federal funding to confront the challenging situations they face. The award given by the State Office of Education honors schools that have gone above and beyond in excelling in a time of adversity.

Bruin Point Elementary was one of the few schools that was given the honor of being a Title 1 Reward school.

“We are very focused on our interventions,” explained Bruin Point principal Stacy Basinger. “We gather a lot of information on our children and find out where the gaps are within the school. Then, volunteers help us fill in those gaps to improve the school.”

To celebrate, students from the school went to watch the movie “Frozen” on Tuesday.

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