Bruin Point Students Celebrate the Constitution


Photos courtesy of Bruin Point Elementary School

Bruin Point Elementary School fifth-grade students were given a hands-on experience to learn about the U.S. Constitution last Friday. With help from the local Lions Club, Mrs. Kathy Milburn was able to give students this once-a-year opportunity.

The local Lions Club provides local elementary schools with booklets about the constitution to assist in teaching the subject in schools. Milburn’s reader’s theater boasted an adapted script and included songs to help her students understand more on the subject.

“It’s a great way to understand the difficult concepts,” Milburn expressed when explaining the performance, which also supports the Common Core Curriculum in Social Studies. Milburn requires her students to read the constitution, summarize the seven articles found therein and then present their summaries as part of the program. Students were able to present the program to their parents and the school as a whole.

“The kids love doing it,” Milburn said.

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