Budget Cuts are in the Air


By Sara Price

With the ever increasing national debt, state and county budgets are shrinking to compensate and government officials are looking at ways to do the same tasks with less. During the recent Emery County Commission meeting, Jeff Horrocks announced that state cuts are coming and every department is going to feel it.

The cuts Horrocks worries about most are those that affect the most vulnerable members of the county. Two programs he named that may face significant shortages this coming year are HEAT and Meals on Wheels.

Residents who are not able to pay their electricity or gas bills to keep their homes warm during the winter sign up for a program called HEAT. This program provides relief by paying part or all of their monthly heating costs.

Meals on Wheels also relies heavily on monetary assistance from the state. The program is run by volunteers who cook, package, and deliver meals to the elderly. Without Meals on Wheels, many would go without food as they are unable to afford groceries or prepare their own food.

These coming budget cuts have local commissioners worried, unsure of how they would be able to continue these programs without state help.

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