Bulldogs Win Championship Against Pirates with the Help of Jewkes 24 Points and 24 Rebounds *Photo Gallery*


The Castle Valley Athletic Association Varsity Basketball Tournament was held Feb. 19 and 20 at Helper Junior High. Helper, Mont Harmon, San Rafael and Canyon View junior high schools participated in the tournament. San Rafael and Mont Harmon boy’s basketballs teams competed in the tournament championship on Thursday evening. It was a close, intense game. San Rafael pulled through in the end and won the game 48-43. Chase Jewkes from San Rafael scored a big double-double with 24 points and 24 rebounds, helping his team secure the win.

Team members for San Rafael include Jordan Baletka, Dalton Bennett, Logan Cox, Cayden Fox, Deryk Fuller, McKoy Holt, Jacob Huntsman, Jake Jensen, Chase Jewkes, Dalton McKee, Riley Rasmussen, Jayden Riley, Gage VanBuren and Dallin Ward. The coaches for San Rafael are Layne Hales and Ky Horrocks.

Members of the Mont Harmon team include Tyler Moynier, Kayden Alderson, Brendan Palacios, Nate Olson, Tiger Thayn, Ryker Smith, Jorfan Vasquez, Logan Engar, Gavin Robinett, Shane Madsen, and Derek Hillam. The coaches for Mont Harmon are Keith Palmer and Jarad Hardy.

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