Burglar Hits Numerous Locations in Price


Someone was busy while the residents of Price were asleep in their beds Tuesday night. Both the King Koal Theatre and China Buffet opened their doors this morning to find their locations had been the victims of a burglary.

Both burglaries caused extensive damage in each location.

The lock on the front entrance of the King Koal had been broken. The door of the front office was kicked in as well. The cabinet that housed the safe had been forcibly opened, leaving shards and splinters of wood scattered across the floor. Files and drawers had been ransacked throughout the office, leaving little untouched.

“There was an undisclosed amount of cash taken from the theatre and extensive damage to the doors and locking systems,” reported Sgt Bill Barnes of the Price City Police Department. Police also received a report of an attempted break in at the nearby UPS store, and were soon called to another burglary report, this time at the China Buffet in West Price.

“We believe that it was the same person who burglarized the China Buffet. Both locations showed signs of forced entry and only cash was taken,” Barnes said. “We recommend not only strong locking systems, which can always be broken, but also alarm systems and quality video security systems.”

This has not been the first burglary to occur at the King Koal, however. The first came nearly a year ago and was connected to an employee. Owners of the King Koal and Price Theatre are now in the process of installing advanced security surveillance and alarm equipment.


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