Burglary Report Leads to Arrest of Carbon County Resident


Press Release

On 11/28/16 just after 2200, Price City Police Officer Shawn Sackett took an initial report of a business burglary at the National 9 Motel in Price, at 641 W Price River Dr.  The initial investigation allegedly revealed that the suspect utilized a ruse to lure away the night manager from the front desk/lobby area for several minutes.  In the absence of the night manager, the suspect allegedly bypassed security measures of the now locked front office.  Upon return to the front office, the night manager allegedly discovered an undisclosed amount of money, as well as office items, had been stolen.

The case was assigned to Price City Police Detective Nick Bates.  Utilizing forensic evidence from the scene and other investigative leads, Bates with assistance from Det. Sgt. Brandon Sicilia and the Carbon County Attorney’s Office, was able to secure an investigative subpoena authorized by the 7th District Court.  Based on the subpoena results, Bates obtained corroborating information on the likely suspect.

On 12/2/16 just after 1500, Bates, with the assistance of Price City Detective Dave Wilkinson located the now identified suspect in Helper. Helper Police Chief Trent Anderson was instrumental in locating the suspect. The suspect is identified as Randall Lynn Misner, DOB 9/10/62 of Price.  Mr. Misner invoked his right to remain silent and was arrested.

Items allegedly in Mr. Misner’s possession at the time of his arrest, along with other investigative information, now led to Det. Bates being able to obtain another search warrant from the 7th District Court for a room rented at the Riverside Motel in Helper, by Mr. Misner.

Items allegedly linking Mr. Misner to the National 9 burglary were located at his Riverside Motel room.

Mr. Misner was booked into the Carbon County jail on charges of Burglary of a Business (76-6-202) as a third degree felony, Theft (76-6-404) as a class A misdemeanor, Criminal Mischief (76-6-106) as a class B misdemeanor, and Possession of Burglary Tools (76-6-205) as a class B misdemeanor.  The Carbon County Attorney will review the report to determine appropriate formal charges.  Certain aspects of the investigation are still ongoing.

Mr. Misner is currently under the supervision of the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office while on pre-trial supervision for another unrelated incident.

Mr. Misner has 9 previous arrests on his history, including charges for drugs, DUI, assault, and burglary.  He was released from the Utah State Prison in January of 2016.

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