Burial Plots an Issue at Lawrence Cemetery


Emery County Commissioners discussed a resolution on the sale of burial plots in Lawrence Cemetery during their July 10 meeting in Castle Dale.

The reason for the resolution stems from residents attempting to purchase burial plots outside of the fence Emery County built in 2010. Because the cemetery is located on county land, Emery County owns and operates the property.

The issue came to light when an unknown individual wanted to be buried outside the fence.

“It is a beautiful fence,” said Commissioner James Nelson. “It would be ridiculous to have plots outside the fence before it is full within it.”

The fence cost the county $20,000 to keep livestock off the property.

The original resolution states that the county will sell burial plots within the cemetery before any without.

“Since we do not have funding to develop the outside area at this time, we felt that we needed a policy,” Commissioner Laurie Pitchforth said.

“There is enough property and burial plots that we won’t have to sell out of the fence in the future,” Nelson said. “But if we do run out of plots then we can move the fence.”

Commissioners approved to continue with the resolution to sell plots in the cemetery before those outside.

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