Business Spotlight: An Elegant Surface


With 30 years in the construction business, Cleveland native Ted Allen recently made the switch to improving homes in the two-county area with his concrete countertop and decorative concrete flooring business, An Elegant Surface,LLC.

“It was a search for something new in countertops and that is how I got to the concrete countertops,” Allen explained.

For three years, Allen has been shaping concrete into elaborate and colorful designs not only for countertops, but also for flooring. This concrete is not like what you would find on a sidewalk, though.

“The concrete is engineered for countertop use,” said Allen. “It is very durable, non-porous, smooth and it won’t stain. It is also very low-maintenance; all you need is a non-abrasive cleaner.”

Allen employs two systems when creating a customer’s concrete countertops. The first technique is a “cast in place” system where Allen completely constructs the countertop from scratch. The easier, more affordable option is called an “overlay system.” For an overlay countertop, Allen comes to the customer’s home and creates the concrete finish over an existing countertop, which takes about three days with additional curing time.

Both countertop techniques allow the customer to receive a completely unique look. The concrete is stained and dyed by hand and can be designed to look like granite, marble and other stones in a variety of colors. Allen is also able to create seamless countertops, which is not an option with natural stone.

“We create custom finishes that are designed to be unique to your project with the look and feel of most natural stones,” the business’ website shares. “We can duplicate granite, marble and stone looks without the yearly required maintenance.”

Moving to the floor, Allen also completes concrete work on home floors, patios, sidewalks, driveways and decks. The concrete can be molded to look like tile, wood or stone. Allen creates the flooring, at the customer’s home. Giving the customer a durable low maintenance flooring system.

“We can have your driveway, sidewalks or patios looking like flagstones, slates or pavers,” explains. “Or, if you want an elegant, unique look, you could have a barn wood patio unmatched by others.”

Additionally, the Cleveland-based business also offers epoxy flooring, concrete staining, floor micro-toppings, quartz flooring, Metallix flooring, performance sealers and wall coverings.

An Elegant Surface provides free, in-home estimates for customers in Carbon and Emery counties. Also, after work is completed, about 90% of damage, which is rare, can be repaired on site.

“It is more forgiving if you have to fix something,” Allen said. “As time has shown, no surface is completely maintenance free. Yours, however, offers the lowest amount of maintenance required to maintain an elegant top not duplicated by any other top.”

For more information on how to update your home with unique concrete countertops and flooring, please call Allen at (435) 749-0289 or email More examples of Allen’s work can also be viewed online or at “An Elegant Surface” on Facebook.

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