Business Spotlight: Bella L’Amore


Last November, Shanna Magnuson turned her dream into reality for Carbon and Emery counties. After ten years working retail management for various stores, Magnuson was ready to not only manage a retail store, but own one. Now, almost a year later, Bella L’Amore is bringing fresh fashion to women of any shape, size, or age in the area.
Bella L’Amore, which essentially means beautiful love, is a boutique on Huntington Main Street that focuses on providing popular clothes, accessories, and shoes for women. The store offers all of the essentials for a woman’s closet: shirts, shoes, pants, skirts, jewelry, scarves, purses, and more. With so much to offer, Bella L’Amore is a one-stop shop close to home.
“There was not a store like this one in Emery County,” said Magnuson. “I wanted to bring something special to the area while creating jobs and keeping money in the area to support our community.”
In a small town, it is a wonder how Magnuson can stock so many different items. The answer: Bella L’Amore only stocks a few of each item. “We only stock a few of each item so that we can buy plenty of different items,” explained Magnuson. “This also ensures that not everyone will buy and wear the same clothes as everyone else.” In addition, the store receives shipments every week, ensuring the newest fashions are always available and that there is something different in the store each time a customer comes in.
Along with owning a store and managing a family, Magnuson has another trick up her sleeve; she is a fantastic photographer. Her photography business, named Shanna Magnuson Photography, specializes in capturing babies and young children. However, she has also been known to photograph older audiences and weddings. Fortunately for Carbon and Emery County residents, Magnuson has a studio in the back of Bella L’Amore.
Bella L’Amore and Magnuson’s photography studio are located at 115 North Main in Huntington and can be contacted at 801-318-7434. Facebook pages are also set up for the two entities at and The newest clothing styles at Bella L’Amore can be seen on Facebook and samples of Magnuson’s photography are constantly being posted as well.

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