Business Spotlight: Body Talk


Doug and Sandra Huntington started their business Body Talk in 2013. They currently have their business at their home in Orangeville and in Price at the Southeastern Integrative Healing Arts Center.

In 2006, the doctors diagnosed Sandra with Multiple Sclerosis. After doing shots for several years, she was introduced to Body Talk and was quickly hooked. She realized how Body Talk not only helped her heal from the disease, but also helped with many other things in her life. Now, she no longer has to give herself shots for MS and feels like the disease is in remission forever. She decided to become a practitioner herself, so she could bless other peoples’ lives as well. Besides a Body Talk Practitioner, Sandra also teaches preschool in her home each morning. She has taught preschool for 26 years and truly loves the little kids.

Doug and Sandra are the only practitioners in the state of Utah that are husband and wife. Doug has a special gift of sensing things during the session, and Sandra has a passion for helping people, so together they make a great team.

Body Talk can help many things such as headaches, insomnia, chronic fatigue, addictions, neuropathy, depression, digestive disorders, chronic aches and pains, and sports performance. It can even help someone that has trouble becoming pregnant.

The number one cause of disease in the world is stress. Because of stress, the communication lines in the body break down and the body forgets how to communicate with itself, causing discomfort, injuries or disease. Body Talk identifies these breakdowns and uses a light tapping technique to restore communication, helping the body to heal itself.

Our body is made to heal itself. If we go to the doctor with a broken arm, the doctor will help by putting a cast on, but our body heals that bone naturally. Body Talk is safe, effective and non-invasive. It can be used on its own or can complement other forms of healthcare (alternative or conventional).

Doug and Sandra have also learned some mentoring techniques that can help unlock old patterns and cycles, release negative belief systems, and can restore peace, balance, and happiness. Sandra will be teaching classes in January and February called “Train Your Brain – Love Your Body” in Orangeville and Price. The classes will be held on Wednesday nights at 5:30 p.m. in Price and 8 p.m. in Orangeville. These same techniques can be applied to food issues and discovering reasons why we overeat. If you are tired of dieting, but want to shed some extra pounds or you just want to learn how to be healthier, call to find out information about her classes.

To sign up for a Body Talk session or for more information, please call (435) 749-0997. Their hours are flexible and they can do sessions in the afternoon or evening.

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