Business Spotlight: Castle Chiropractic Center


Castle Chiropractic Center has been in business in Castle Dale for 36 years. Dr. Ron Sanders started practicing chiropractic care in Orem but was looking for a place to settle and open his own practice. He took his father-in-law’s advice to settle in Castle Dale when he was told it is centrally located and is the county seat. Therefore, Dr. Sanders and his wife headed to Emery County. He worked under Dr. Thayn in Price for approximately six months before opening his own practice in Castle Dale in June of 1978.

Dr.Sanders became interested in chiropractic care at a young age. His father received a back injury while serving in World War II and maintenance jobs later in life added to his pain. He began going to the chiropractor for relief and Sanders could see the positive changes the appointments had on his dad. Later, when Sanders was 13-years-old, he woke one morning to find that he was unable to lift his head from his shoulder. He was taken to the chiropractor where he found immediate relief and validated the positive effect of chiropractic work.

Chiropractors go through much of the same training as physicians with an emphasis on orthopedics, radiology and diagnosis, to name a few. Chiropractic care is the largest alternative healing group in the nation with approximately 44,000 chiropractors in the United States.

Dr. Sanders emphasizes in the “triangle of health,” which focuses on structural, health and emotional issues. He is a unique chiropractor because he does muscle testing, nutritional consulting and strengthens muscles. Sanders uses techniques to help balance emotional stresses. He also uses the B.E.S.T. (Bioenergetic Synchronization Technique), which is a physical, non-forceful energy balancing technique that is used to re-establish the full healing potential of the body.

Some of the many services found at Castle Chiropractic Center are spinal and extremity adjustments as well as laser rehabilitation and maintenance. More services include relief from neck, arm, back and leg pain, and adjustments for all joints, electrical therapy, ice therapy and a spine wave table.

Dr. Sanders is currently mentoring an intern preceptor. Dan Dastrup, who is in his last semester at Palmer College of Chiropractic and is working with Sanders to gain patient care experience. Dastrup will gain a lifelong mentor with a prominent doctor by working with Dr. Sanders and the opportunity will build on his academic and clinical experience will prepare him to become a practicing professional.

Castle Chiropractic Center is located at 46 E. Main Street in Castle Dale. Call Dr. Sanders at (435) 381-5432 to make an appointment between the hours of 9 a.m.–12 p.m. and 3 p.m.–6 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday or Friday 9 a.m.–12 p.m.

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