Business Spotlight: Castle Ridge Treatment Center


Residential Treatment finds a new home in Utah’s Castle Country

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By C.J. McManus

For decades, substance use disorder has ravaged the Castle Country, causing the death and the destruction of uncountable families and lives. At the newly-opened Castle Ridge Treatment Center in Castle Dale, an educated and dedicated staff are looking to help those who are suffering find a safe place to heal and recover.

Before opening the center, which is a full spectrum residential facility, Castle Ridge Director Donn Jeffs worked in the local public education system for more than 30 years, an experience that gave her first-hand knowledge of the devastation substance use can cause.

“I saw so many children robbed of their parents because of this disease. I saw so many children taken from the homes where they were born and it stuck with me,” explained Jeffs. “Me and my husband Todd knew we wanted to do something to help and working toward opening this treatment facility seemed the best way to do that.”

At Castle Ridge, they employ a qualified and experienced staff. Their employees care about each individual that comes through their doors looking for help. They have amenities that foster the healing of mental and physical needs. These amenities include state-of-the-art exercise equipment, sauna and massage as well as a full range of indoor and outdoor activities. According to Jeffs, their staff believes that through healthy eating habits and quality physical exercise, mental health can heal.

“We want to provide lessons here that can last well after a person leaves,” said center co-director Todd Jeffs. “We want people to be able to look back on what they learned after they leave, you know, when things get tough.”

At Castle Ridge, they teach tools that will help their patients through the trials that are stopping them from being their best self, the roadblocks that are keeping them from living.

“I have seen within my own family just how brutal addiction can be,” said Donn. “My own mother was put up for adoption because of her mother’s alcohol use.”

According to Jeffs, the driving force behind Castle Ridge’s treatment philosophy is the CARE acronym: care, acceptance, respect and empowerment. Their team works to help patients identify mental health and recovery goals by developing a treatment plan that is unique to every individual. They utilize a holistic approach to health by providing a wide range of therapies, including group therapy, pet therapy, yoga and piyo, music and movement, meditation and mindfulness techniques, healthy eating and more.

Those struggling with substance use disorder or any mental health or addiction issue can contact Castle Ridge today. They accept adult patients and offer fully confidential consultations. Castle Ridge treats those suffering from anxiety, depression, personality disorders, emotional disorders, post traumatic syndrome disorder, eating disorders, addictions of all kinds, including drug and alcohol use, pornography, and social media/gaming addiction.

The center is managed by Paytn Butler, a clinical mental health professional who lives on site. Those interested in services can reach Castle Ridge via email at or by calling (435) 381-4357, (435) 749-1484 or (435) 749-5425.

Castle Ridge is a 501c3 non-profit that accepts many forms of insurance as well as private pay options. Visit their website today at for more information.

“We want to be able to provide a safe haven for people,” said Butler. “A safe haven for people to heal.”

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