Business Spotlight: Cherry on Top


Donn Jeffs, owner of Cherry on Top, opened her business less than a month ago in Castle Dale.

Jeffs taught food and nutrition as well as physical education for 28 years before she retired. Needing something else to do because she wasn’t quite ready to be done working, she decided to open a food wagon with crepes, something abnormal and new in Emery County. Cherry on Top is open Tuesday through Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Cherry on Top has savory crepes such as pepperoni, chicken salad, shrimp, crab salad and cheese. Sweet crepes are also offered, including strawberries-n-cream, chocolate, Nutella, fresh fruit, honey or agave, chocolate-n-banana and create your own. In addition to crepes, waffle brownies with ice cream in flavors of chocolate, blondie and chocolate chip are also available. Jeffs also offers specialty drinks such as key lime creamanades, pink creamanades, pina coladas, strawberry daiquiris, lime margaritas, shakes and strawberry/banana smoothies along with infused drinks such as Cherry Coke, Diet Coke, fresh lime, diet fresh lime and sparkling sugar free lemonade (original, peach and strawberry).

In the winter when it’s cold, there will be a drive up window available for customers to place orders.

“This is so much fun. It is what retirement is about,” Jeffs said. “I have seen people come to eat that I haven’t seen in years. Food wagons are up and coming now, and I can do a little bit of touring while I go to events around the state.”

Cherry on Top is located at 50 North 200 East in Castle Dale. For more information, please call (435) 749-2644 or visit

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