Business Spotlight: Chow Hound


On Main Street in Green River stands a small building with an orange roof: the Chow Hound. The Chow Hound was built around 1973 by the Baxter family. It was built small with room for only four tables. The Baxters’ motto for their restaurant was “get in and get out.” They started with five items on the menu.

After the Baxters, the restaurant was purchased by Naomi Dumas, who added a bakery. Ellen Bastian was the next owner, and she added pizza to the menu. Bastian’s sister, Janeice Pfander, is now the current owner. Pfander has also made a few small alterations. The menu has grown extensively from the original five items, though the original recipe is still used for the bean burritos.

The Chow Hound is also a special place around the holidays. The windows are always decorated with seasonal pictures while homemade foods such as pumpkin rolls in the fall and fudge in the winter are also available.

In a small community such as Green River, the Chow Hound is a local landmark. Pfander, who now owns the restaurant, can remember working there in her younger years. Many people who visit Green River regularly make the Chow Hound part of their trip. “Everybody’s got their favorite,” Pfander said about the menu.

The Chow Hound is well known for the “best Pepsi in town” as well as bakery fresh donuts, crushed ice and homemade ranch. It’s located at 30 East Main Street in Green River. By phone, they can be contacted at (435) 564-3563

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