Business Spotlight: CJ Custom Care Tree Service


When Carl Jones began cutting down trees for an irrigation system in Ferron shortly after high school, he did not know that this farm work would eventually lead him to a long-term career based in Emery County. Now, for 18 years, CJ Custom Care Tree Service has been offering professional and personal service for tree projects in the Castle Country area.

Owned and operated by Jones, CJ Custom Care Tree Service revolves around any tree service, including cutting, trimming, shaping and pruning for residential, agricultural and business customers in Carbon and Emery counties as well as the surrounding areas. As a licensed and insured business, Jones and his team aim to offer specialized service when visiting one’s property for any tree service imaginable.

“I try to treat other people’s places like they are my own,” Jones said. “I always try to leave it cleaner than when I got there.”

This includes hauling away limbs and tree trunks as well as grinding stumps down to remove them from the naked eye. A large stump grinder, weighing over 1,500 pounds, allows CJ Custom Care Tree Service to grind stumps 6-12 inches below ground, removing them from eyesight and preventing the tree from growing back.

This stump grinder, along with nearly half a million dollars in other equipment, make any project possible. From a small limb-trimming chainsaw to a tool nearly as tall as a grown man, CJ Custom Care Tree Service has everything needed to do a job from start to finish. This also includes a wide array of safety equipment and permit work in order to work with the State of Utah, cities and churches.

“When I come to a job, I have everything I need to do any job out there,” said Jones.

As part of its 100% satisfaction guarantee, customers are welcome to give input throughout the project as well as oversee work as it is being done. Only when the work is complete is a bill issued to the customer.

“I run the business in a fair and friendly way and ensure that customers get their money’s worth,” Jones said.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Carl at (435) 749-9694 or (435) 384-3313. Free, on-site bids are offered to all customers and work is done year-round.

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