Business Spotlight: Crosscut Pub and Grill


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By C.J. McManus

The Crosscut Pub and Grill just received a menu makeover that will redefine the most beautiful and spacious dining area in Carbon County. Those who have visited the Cut know about their custom aesthetic, designed to reflect the rich coal mining history of the Castle Country. With a new full service menu, the Cut is poised to take its place as the ultimate place to dine in Carbon County.

The restaurant’s original design and concept was the idea of owner Tony Basso and his associates Crosscut General Manager Paula Ingram as well as Jean and Randy McManus. It was crafted to honor the area’s coal mining roots while providing a fun, family-friendly environment for locals and tourists alike.

“I had come up with the idea, Randy named the place and was instrumental in the building the pub’s main level. From there, Jean and Paula developed the food concepts,” explained Basso.

According to the owner, big thanks also need to go out to Ben and ReNee Blackburn, who were instrumental in the restaurant’s completion.

As the Crosscut opened, hospitality was made job number one. To achieve this, the pub and grill features two distinct levels, the restaurant’s main floor and an upper deck, which hosts a classic arcade fully loaded with a pool table and the area’s best children’s section. A custom 1971 Volkswagen Bus was placed just above the Cut’s open stairs to provide children a unique dining experience.

Because of this expansive design, the pub and grill hosts parties regularly and can accommodate up to 75 patrons in their upstairs balcony.

The Crosscut opened to rave reviews and big business in May of 2019; however, it was hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. “We scaled back to accommodate health restrictions; however, we are now ready to introduce a full menu once again with some original favorites and new items that are simply amazing,” said Ingram.

Speaking of original favorites, the Crosscut has made poutine fries famous here in the Castle Country. This unique dish will continue to be featured on the Cut’s new menu and consists of deep fried cheese curds, french fries, brown gravy, jalapeños and mozzarella cheese. “For those who haven’t tried it, don’t let the odd combination of ingredients fool you. Poutine is amazing and addicting,” laughed Ingram.

This Canadian dish was brought to the menu by the Crosscut’s creators and has proved to be a local favorite.

Deep fried burgers have also become one the pub and grill’s most sought after treats. At the Crosscut, any burger can be deep fried, putting an amazing twist on the American classic.

“It changes everything about the way a burger tastes in the best way,” explained Ingram. “The whole burger is warm and the flavors meld together in every bite.”

Basso leaves the majority of the pub and grill operation to Ingram; however, he was adamant about the necessity for the restaurant to serve delicious and inexpensive ice cream. Everyday, soft serve ice cream cones can be had at the Crosscut for just 99 cents.

The Crosscut’s new menu items include sliders, which can be paired with sample ales from the brewery’s selection and burgers that honor past patrons like the Bleu Bruno Burger and the Hick Burger. The Cut will also feature sandwiches, baskets and platters, street tacos, pizzas crafted in the restaurant’s custom brick oven and signature salads. The pub and grill’s full menu can be found in the following link: Crosscut-MenuDownload

In addition to changes made to the Crosscut’s menu, staff requirements have morphed as well. In fact, head waitress Teri Barney has assumed the roll of the pub’s assistant manager. “She makes every guest’s experience better,” commented Ingram. “Her attention to customer service always goes above and beyond.”

While the pandemic definitely made it difficult to gather, the Crosscut has maintained its reputation as the area’s number one place to spend some time with your family and friends. “I want this to be a place everyone hankers to visit, a place to just hang out. We want to be the place people come to relax and spend time together,” explained Ingram.

To foster this, the Crosscut also features gorgeous outdoor dining, which was recently honored as the best in Price. Restaurant Guru bestowed their 2020 Best Outdoor seating award to the pub and grill in February of this year.

Travelers from all over the United States have visited this local location and agree with Restaurant Guru’s accretion. The customer’s experience is documented by the Cut on a massive map, which features photos of those who stop in to eat.

“Come in and experience our food and atmosphere for yourself,” encouraged Ingram. “Just for a quick lunch or a family dinner, we can’t wait to show you just how great this new menu really is.”

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