Business Spotlight: Emery Ave LLC


Home decor. Serveware. Nativity scenes. Concrete?

The last word may appear to not coincide with the former, but Emery Ave LLC has found a way to mesh concrete with timeless designs for home decor, serveware and seasonal decor.

Founded by Angela Huntington, Emery Ave is a concrete design studio that brings simple, unique items that will match virtually any home. As an Emery County resident, Huntington strives to provides handcrafted items for not only customers in Castle Country, but throughout the United States as well.

“After I graduated from college, my husband and I moved back home to raise our children,” Huntington said. “Living in the country has helped me appreciate the simple things in life and foster my passion for art.”

Huntington began experimenting with concrete in 2015 when she made my first concrete planter. Now, Emery Ave has expanded to a family-operated business.

“I’ve always been a creator but working with this medium has become an exciting form of artistic expression,” she said. “What began as a hobby and a way to express my inner creativity quickly became much more with increased market sales and the support of friends and loved ones.”

This support has allowed Huntington to truly flourish with her medium as she gains traction and new ideas from friends, family and happy customers. She creates every items by hand to meet the growing demand from her customers.

“Each piece is lovingly handcrafted through a process of several steps,” Huntington explained. “I start with the molds. Some of them have been collected over time and come in many shapes and sizes. My other type of molds are painstakingly handmade from my original sculpted pieces.”

Customers can find a wide array of pieces at Emery Ave, including a serveware line of cake stands, bowls, coasters, donut stands and cooking utensils. Huntington also crafts a variety of home decor pieces such as planters, jewelry holders, concrete letters, soap dishes and more. Seasonly, Emery Ave also features items to coincide with holidays.

“You may decide they are simple. Perfect!” said Huntington. “That means we have succeeded in creating a timeless piece that will work with many styles of decor.”

While Huntington’s work blends well with varying styles, many pieces also play host to a variety of uses. A cake stand could be the perfect pedestal for a plant while a concrete soap dish can house paper clips on a desk. Customers have continued to inspire the entrepreneur’s work and offerings throughout the years.

“Because we’ve had so much support from the people of Emery and Carbon county, we’ve been able to keep our business growing,” Huntington said. “So, for this, we are so grateful.”

This growth has garnered the attention of entities outside of the area, including Fox 13’s the Place and KSL’s Studio 5, both of which spotlighted Emery Ave. Huntington’s concrete cake stands were also published in the Salt Lake City Bride and Groom last summer for a wedding styled shoot.

To learn more about Emery Ave or to see more of Huntington’s work, visit the store at 480 N. 100 E. in Castle Dale. Customers will also be able to view work from other local artisans as they offer their handcrafted items.

“I love the idea of bringing local art together,” Huntington said. “So, not only are you shopping our concrete goods, but also other unique handcrafted items.”

Emery Ave is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3-5 p.m. Customers can also follow the business on its website and Instagram to see new items as they are released.

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