Business Spotlight: Encore Dance Studio


Since the age of three, Julia Tatton lived in a leotard, whether during her multiple dance classes or under her school clothes. She lived and breathed dance and wanted to dance professionally. However, when the opportunity to open a dance studio in Price presented itself, she leaped at the opportunity. Now, seven years later, Encore Dance Studio offers lessons for students of all ages and levels of dance experience.

Throughout the year, Encore offers ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and lyrical classes at its studio taught by six different teachers, including Tatton. Students may take just one class, or multiple, depending on the time they want to dedicate and what interests them. “At Encore we do believe that ballet teaches the foundation for all other forms of dance,” explained Tatton. “It teaches discipline.” That makes a ballet class a good place to learn to dance or to build upon a previous dance background.

After just seven years, Encore has made an outstanding presence in the community. With many first place awards in large categories such tap or ballet and individual awards for solo performances, the studio has been sweeping the boards. The studio performs at events such as the Carbon Dance Classic, which features all dance studios in the area, and Dance America in St. George. The students also perform at International Days, local fairs, and during half-time shows at high school and college sporting events.

Although placement for Encore classes takes place in May, the studio always welcomes new students. A new student could come into the studio for an “audition” with the teachers. The student would then be placed into the appropriate level where they could start learning, dancing, and having fun in a comfortable environment.

Those interested in enrolling at Encore Dance Studio may contact Julia Tatton at (435) 650-3726.

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