Business Spotlight: Here’s to Healthy Living


Here’s To Healthy Living is a small business owned and operated by Roseanne and Brian Dawes. After struggling with their weight for years, the duo found that combining health coaching and BodyTalk was a way to help people find success with their health for the long-term.

After years of yo-yo dieting, Roseanne read a post from a friend on Facebook that led her to her very own weight-loss MIRACLE! She contacted the friend and knew she had found what she had been looking for, a simple program that balances your body. The results were increased energy and weight loss. Her husband Brian was skeptical for a few months, but soon found as he participated, he felt so much better and was able to stop taking all three of his prescription medications.

With this new program, Roseanne and Brian have more energy and sleep better. Their thyroid is balanced, adrenal counts have normalized, their candida is no longer an issue and their blood sugar is balanced. Balancing the blood sugar has proven to be extremely beneficial in working with diabetic clients. They explained that they eat better, eat more, don’t starve, have no cravings, and with only minimal exercise, experience rapid weight loss. Collectively, they have lost 211 pounds (Roseanne lost 136 and Brian lost 75) in less than a year.

The program has three key parts: healthy body, healthy mind and healthy finances. It is like a three-legged stool, each leg supporting the other two. Dr. Anderson is the medical professional who, working with other doctors, directs how to lose the unhealthy fat.

The program has four phases:

1. An eating plan that burns excess fat for energy and weight loss.
2. Transition (that is unique to each individual)
3. Maintenance
4. Optimal Health – Their goal is to help others receive this same opportunity for achieving Optimal Health.

During this weight loss journey, Roseanne became a BodyTalk practitioner and found that BodyTalk complimented her health goals to develop a healthy body, mind and Spirit. BodyTalk has helped Roseanne find the reason for gaining weight and the difficulty in losing unhealthy fat. It has helped her and many others stay on track with their health goals. With BodyTalk and health coaching combined, Roseanne and Brian can offer a complete health program that is unique to every individual.

BodyTalk also helps the body to heal itself naturally. It is safe and non-invasive. If you don’t have weight to lose but have other health issues, it can help solve many problems such as headaches, insomnia, fatigue, addictions, depression, digestive disorders, and chronic aches and pains. BodyTalk can help identify these problems and with a light tapping technique help the body to heal itself. They offer individual healing sessions and group sessions as well.

They presently have eight coaches working with them helping others to become optimally healthy. They have also been privileged to share this program with over 100 clients since March of 2015. They would love to share with you too. For more information, contact Roseanne at (435) 749-1433 or email her at

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