Business Spotlight: Jens Gels


Jenni Stoker is the owner of Jens Gels, a locally owned nail business located in Orangeville. Jens Gels is in a comfy cozy environment, where any customer can feel relaxed while getting their nails done.

Stoker is the only nail technician working for Jens Gels. She has 10 years of experience being a nail technician. She is kind, funny and will leave you happy with your brand new set of nails. You won’t be disappointed with the end product she leaves you with.

Jens Gels offers nail sets or fills, overlays, shellac and manicures. A variety of color options and designs are available that can be applied to your personal request of nails. From holiday designs or just an every day trendy look, Jens Gels can do the job.

If customers are looking for a great local nail salon, you can contact Jens Gels to make an appointment or get more information by calling or texting (435) 590-4693. Jens Gels is a great place with great nail service!

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