Business Spotlight: J&J Landscaping


Even though J&J Landscaping is a brand new business in Carbon County, owner Jackson Nichols has a lifetime of experience to offer customers. Nichols has been maintaining yards for family, friends and neighbors all his life. From mowing lawns, to weeding gardens, he understands that a beautiful yard is not easy to come by.

Hard work and consistent care goes into any successful landscape. Nichols realizes that many people do not have the time or are physically unable to care for their yard. That is when he can step in and make a customer’s dream yard a reality.

J&J Landscaping specializes in mowing and edging lawns, planting, pruning, weeding, mulching, irrigation systems, hedge and tree trimming. Weekly lawn care and bi-weekly weeding, cutting, planting and pruning services are also offered by the landscaping business.

Nichols realizes that most customers have an idea or concept of what they would like their yard to look like, right down to the exact flowers and where they should be planted. That is why J&J Landscaping allows customers to select, shop and map out designs for their own pots and plants, which Nichols will plant and maintain throughout the growing season. By allowing customers to be part of the process, he feels that each yard will remain unique and become exactly what the owner imagined.

Shopping assistance and yard design advice is also offered for those who need it. But J&J’s main focus is to provide manual labor that is needed to create and maintain a beautiful yard.

Senior citizens who have taken pride in their yard for countless years may now have difficulty working outdoors. That doesn’t mean that their landscape needs to be neglected. Nichols is willing to provide a nicely groomed yard through hard work and dedication.

J&J Landscaping also offers customized, hand-built planter boxes that are perfect for gardening. Each box is built with the customer in mind. They come in many different shapes depending on what the customer likes. The boxes are perfect for gardening in dry dirt because plants are off the ground and in nutrient rich soil. A fence may also be added to the box to keep animals and children out, but still allowing sun to get in.

For more information on a customized planter box and yard care services, contact Nichols at (435) 630-1214. Yard care is charged by the job and free appraisals are available. To have a dream yard, call J&J Landscaping today.

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