Business Spotlight: K Way Fine Art


K Way Fine Art is a small business that was started by local community member Keisha Way. According to Way, she has had a passion for making jewelry and other art as far as she can remember.

“I had a great, great, great uncle that lived with my grandma and he used to love beading and he taught me how,” stated Way.

Way graduated from metalsmithing school in 2003 but knew she loved it more as a hobby than as an actual career.

Her favorite part of jewelry making is wire wrapping semi-precious stones. Way said it is fun because she begins with a random amount of wire and starts wrapping different shapes. Slowly, the piece comes together into a beautiful piece. Way never starts with a plan of how it will turn out and yet it always becomes amazing in the end.

The available pieces wrapped now are labradorite, turquoise, rutilated quartz, sodalite and a fossilized sea snail that has quartz crystals on the interior. Although those are the only wrapped pieces, there are many available stones of Way’s inventory that aren’t yet completed.

“I always pair the pendant stone with a necklace of coordinating semi-precious stone beads,” Way said.

Wonderful jewelry pieces are not the only thing available by K Way Fine Art. Painting is another fine passion of Way’s and she has made the decision to sell some of her work.

“My parents are both great artists; my mom paints and my dad draws,” said Way.

Her mother taught her acrylic tole painting when she was very young. Way then took oil painting lessons from Diane Olson when she was 11 years old; however, Olson only did Bob Ross-style painting, which was something Way was not interested in. Way did not pick up painting again until she was 27 and in art school.

Jewelry provided by K Way Fine Art is anywhere from $30 to $50 for unwrapped stones and between $80 and $130 for the sterling silver wrapped varieties. The art is subject to pricing. Inquire with Way on certain pieces for the price. The pieces are available for purchase in Way’s tattoo shop, Hand Candy Tattoo, located on Main Street in Helper.

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