Business Spotlight: Kritter Klips


Jackie Jenkins Hannah is the owner and operator of the local grooming business Kritter Klips. She has worked in grooming for 31 years, since she was 16. Noting the need in the area, she began first with a mobile grooming shop from her truck in 1996.

Kritter Klips does not only grooms dogs. Birds, cats and other animals can have their nails trimmed and can be bathed. Horse manes, goat hooves and bird wings can also be groomed at Kritter Klips.

Jenkins also offers training to help people better understand their pets. She has experience with many animals and has even trained a cow for use in the Castle Valley Pageant.

During grooming, owners are welcome and encouraged to stay with their pets. This provides an opportunity for them to see how their pets behave and to learn for themselves how the grooming is handled. Jenkins encourages feedback from her clients to help her meet the needs of pets the best she can.

Kritter Klips is located at 385 West Main Street in Ferron. With no set hours, Jenkins can adjust her schedule to meet the needs of clients. Customers can contact her at (435) 630-5375 by call or text. Click here to find Kritter Klips on Facebook.

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