Business Spotlight: Live Earth Products, Inc.


Live Earth Products, Inc. is a family owned business in Emery that was incorporated in November 1989 by founder David Taylor. It is operated by David and his sons Russell and Keith.

David worked for Wilberg Mine at the time of the fire in 1984. After the fire, he decided to leave the mine for the sake of his family and become a consultant in related fields.

David worked on a project to explore alternatives to petroleum-based fertilizers, which led him to prospecting in the area. Soon after he staked a claim for the mine, he learned how to make mineral supplements from the same ore, thus starting Live Earth enterprise.

Live Earth mine’s and manufactures humic and fulvic ingredients for agriculture, animal feeds, cosmetics, dietary supplements, bio-remediation, organic gardening and lawn care.

Humic acids are becoming a significant bio-stimulant to mainstream agricultural practices because of the many benefits that it contributes to the soil. Currently, a crop is removed from the field and no plant material is returned to the soil. The humification process is hindered if no material is added and as a result, the soil has reduced levels of organic compounds that will transition into humic acid. This process creates soils low in organic matter that may lack sufficient levels of humic acids to maintain proper fertilizer retention. Adding humic acid to a fertilizer program may help increase nutrient availability and retain nutrients in the root zone.

In October 2014, Live Earth Products, Inc. announced the installation of an extensive solar power generating program. The implementation of 144 270-watt SolarWorld panels will provide 100% of the company’s mineral processing power.

The SolarWorld panels were installed by Utah-based company Creative Energies and will provide an estimated annual kWh production of 57,542kWh. This number represents the amount of power used by six combined average Utah homes. The panels were engineered to supply 120% of Live Earth’s energy needs for mineral processing, primarily for growth. The company plans to have their surplus generated solar power sold back onto the electric grid.

Live Earth is a business partner of Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue Sky Renewable Energy Program and is the only company in Emery County to attain the level of ‘visionary’. Only 25% of participating corporations statewide have achieved visionary status within the program, meaning that 30% of the company’s power load is offset with renewable power.

Live Earth Product, Inc. manufactures humic shale derivatives and produces granular humic shale and liquid humic and fulvic. They sell into several market segments such as agriculture, golf and turf, dietary supplements, cosmetics and animal feeds. They do both certified and synthetic blends that contain humic and fulvic.

Some of the available products lines at Live Earth Product, Inc. include Live Earth Humate Soil Condtioner, Bio-Basics, Iron 10, Triple-8 Plus, Bio-Grow and Blitz-22. Live Earth products have been used on the field at The Rose Bowl Stadium since 2006.

“As manager of one of the most prestigious sports venues in the world, my field not only has to look great, it has to perform great,” Will Schnell, stadium superintendent at The Rose Bowl Stadium stated. “Live Earth Products, Inc. has improved the health of my soil. Their products have served to increase the recovery from the wear and damage that my field sustains on a weekly basis. The field not only shows well, it provides the consistent performance for the athletes that play here.”

Live Earth Products, Inc. ships its products worldwide. They are located at 400 South 200 East in Emery and can be reached at (435) 286-2222 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.



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