Business Spotlight: Malan Planetariums


Malan Planetariums paints astronomically-correct night sky murals in homes. Garth, Marilyn, Jesse and Jaecee Malan opened Malan Planetariums in January of this year after they went through special training and courses in 2014 to learn more about the stars and painting. The four of them loved the idea of being able to stare into space without camping on the hard ground outside like they did as children and were sure that many others would share their feelings. The idea is fun, unique, and a very useful and inspiring addition to any home.

The Malans now use the knowledge from that schooling in their business to give customers stargazing opportunities right from the comfort of their own warm bed or couch. With the techniques and equipment used, 90% of ceilings won’t appear any different during the day. However, turn out the lights and a 3-D starscape complete with constellations, the Milky Way or shooting stars will appear in the bedroom, hotel, motel, bed and breakfast, home theatre, family room, resort, entertainment room, bathroom, classroom, etc.

The stars are invisible during the day and stress-relieving, educational and romantic at night. In addition, it adds value to the home and is scientifically proven to aid in the healing process. It is perfect for both children and adults and for those who are unable to get out to see the night sky for themselves such as those who are handicapped or bed-ridden. Malan Planetariums has testimonials of parents that have seen their children become excited for bed time after previously being scared of the dark and adults that have been surprised by how relaxing it really is.

Each mural is a one-of-a-kind painting that is designed specifically for a room. The night sky can even be created to look like the sky on a certain day, such as birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions.

To read testimonials or frequently asked questions, make appointments, view pictures or even find out how to earn money toward a free ceiling by hosting an in-door Star Gazing Exhibit (Star Party), visit or call (435) 609-3248.

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