Business Spotlight: Marketing Elevated


Amanda Paiz was born in Carbon County, left as a child and returned as an adolescent. She has been a local resident since. Paiz attended CEU and at the time originally believed she would be a nurse, then a teacher. In the meantime, from ages 18 to 22, Paiz worked as the library director in Helper.

It was as the library director that she discovered her love for community service and public relations. Paiz decided to stay in library science and get a degree in public relations. However, her career took a drastic turn when she applied for an on-air talent position. From that moment on, Paiz said that she has been lucky enough to serve in the media for the last seven years.

According to Paiz, it was not until her last four years at the Tony Basso Group that she started to notice the disconnect in the businesses that are marketing in the area. At that point in time, she noticed that local businesses are timid when it comes to the social media aspect of marketing. From here, Marketing Elevated was born.

The idea behind Marketing Elevated is to dial in with businesses through hardworking, strong relationships and help them to develop their overall message. In the last four months, Paiz decided to take the leap of faith and thought it would take more work than serving the client in just one media outlet. Marketing Elevated wants to jump in with a client and help serve their marketing needs as a representative of their business.

“We are focusing on the integrated message,” Paiz stated.

Marketing Elevated will be a social media marketing solution to local businesses and will act as an extension to their business. They will be a marketing department dedicated to their business and will be available for start-up and existing businesses.

Paiz stated that the company will work on branding, budget allocation and will sit down with company representatives to set a specific ROI. They would like to try and focus their marketing in the target demographic that brings the business the most results. Paiz continued by stating that Marketing Elevated understands the great relationships in the community and how important it is for a business to maintain those relationships and presence. Therefore, the company will work with all media outlets to achieve that for the business.

For the next handful of months, Marketing Elevated will be working directly at the client’s businesses and at home-bases. Eventually, there will be a business location for the company. Right now, Marketing Elevated is a small staffed business that hopes to grow. The premise behind Marketing Elevated is to keep everything extremely intimate. They are a grass roots product that has been formed singularly and is wanting to give the business every opportunity of a one-on-one relationship that is affordable.

Purchasing through Marketing Elevated can be conducted as a package basis that will save businesses money in the long run. The company is also willing to work as-needed. They operate completely month-to-month and do not believe in contracts.

“First and foremost, I am here to earn their business and keep it,” Paiz stated.

She then stated that she wants everyone to keep their eye out for a new Facebook group titled Eastern Utah Elevated Network, which will be brought to you by Marketing Elevated. This will give businesses and the community an opportunity to connect.

The page will be a central location for the community find local sales, promotions, campaigns and the like for all businesses in Eastern Utah. This will be an open group for business owners to post in whether or not they work through Marketing Elevated.

If you would like to work with Paiz on your marketing needs, she can be reached at (435) 820-1599.

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