Business Spotlight: Marsha’s Sammich Shop


Marsha’s Sammich Shop is located in Helper and is owned and operated by Marsha and Rufus Ellington. Before opening her sammich shop, Marsha owned a restaurant in Vernal called Madhouse and later one in Salina, Madhouse 2. She moved to Helper in 2003. In 2006, her husband urged her to open her own place.

Marsha’s Sammich Shop is the only 100% local business in Carbon County. Marsha’s breads are all made and baked on site, the cakes and pastries are handmade, the meats and cheeses are freshly sliced, all sammich sauces are homemade, and the soups are freshly made.

Some of the breads that can be found at Marsha’s Sammich Shop are sourdough, rye, marbled rye, sunflower wheat, white, hubcake and focaccia. The sourdough and rye breads are vegan. Homemade breads go perfect paired with Marsha’s soup, including tomato and basil soup, chicken soup or vegetable soup. Customers can also order gluten free soups.

Stop in for breakfast on Wednesdays for Belgian Waffle Wednesday or order some delicious caramel apple nut fritters, caramel nut sticky buns, cinnamon rolls, lemon loafs, scones, cakes or cupcakes. The shop also serves shakes, malts, floats, frappes, hot cocoa, cappuccino, cold coffees, drip coffees and freezes, which are ice cream and soda blended together.

Marsha’s Sammich Shop has a special Friday Date Night, which is a special meal made for two for $25. Customers can also make an appointment to Build-A-Cake. Build-A-Cake is a special opportunity for parents and children to get involved with decorating their own cake.

For an upcoming event, call Marsha’s Sammich Shop for cakes, cupcakes, edible art and meals. Marsha has catered several events, including an event for the Utah Symphony. Candy is also available upon request.

Marsha’s Sammich Shop is located at 80 S. Main Street in Helper and can be contacted at (435) 472-2253 between the hours of 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday.


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