Business Spotlight: Matsuda Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine


Luke Tomogiro Matsuda L.Ac MSOM., known as Tera to friends and family, along with the help from his wife Malarie Matsuda have opened the first full-service and full-time acupuncture practice in Price. The Matsuda’s are native to Carbon County and have recently returned to the area to bring acupuncture and herbal medicine to the community.

“Matsuda Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine’s mission is to improve the lives of the people of Carbon and Emery counties,” the mission statement of the business states. “We strive to help people live without pain so they can enjoy life more fully. We endeavor to help people have energy, and in doing so, help people gain the momentum to change their lives for the better. We are committed to helping people prevent disease before it strikes or heal illnesses that have already affected them. Furthermore, we will proudly offer our services in a safe, effective and affordable manner.”

Acupuncture treats a wide range of ailments. The World Health Organization has compiled a list of symptoms, syndromes, disease processes, pathologies traumas and conditions that have definitely been proven as effectually treated by acupuncture, including but not limited to pain, anxiety, depression, migraines/headaches, women’s issues, smoking and addiction, irritable bowel syndrome, menopause symptoms, stress related illnesses, GI conditions, fertility and acute illness.

“I’ve seen acupuncture improve the quality of life for everyday people,” Luke Matsuda. “My own chronic lower back pain was healed with acupuncture, which inspired me to become an acupuncturist. I am honored to bring this kind of supplemental treatment to help the people of Carbon and Emery counties feel better.”

For more information or to make an appointment, please call (435) 650-2302 or email Matsuda Acupuncture is located at 894 East 100 North in Price.

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