Business Spotlight: Mrs. Crafty Pants


Amy Manchester, owner and crafter of Mrs. Crafty Pants, became a distributor of popular craft store Crafty Wood Cutouts earlier this year. Manchester loves to craft and create cute décor for her home. She believed this product would take off here in the Castle Country area because there is not a lot of craft variety available.

Crafty Wood Cutouts is a craft store located in Orem, specializing in wood crafts. They have a large variety of cutouts for every holiday and special occasion. Manchester is a distributor, meaning she purchases the product from them, crafts and puts together the product, then sells the finished craft.

Mrs. Crafty Pants offers a wide variety of items, which are always changing. Each month, new crafts will come out depending on the season, holiday or occasion.

“My favorite part of the crafts is that they are always changing each month,” said Manchester. “With the holidays fast approaching, there will be a lot of new designs to choose from.”

One of Manchester’s favorite designs, which can be changed with the seasons and holidays, is a wood cutout that spells home with an “o” that changes with the holidays and seasons. She also enjoys a wooden ladder, which has new decoration kits for each month, as well as separate occasion decorations that may be purchased.

Manchester specializes in last name cutouts, which are five-inch letters mounted to a board, customizable to the customers desires. Manchester cuts out these letters herself, paints and decorates them. All crafts produced by Mrs. Crafty Pants are customizable; the customer may choose paint color, scrapbook paper and embellishments used on all crafts.

Mrs. Crafty Pants also offers house parties. Manchester will supply the group with the craft, all the supplies and provide step-by-step instruction. A promotion she offers is if the host of the party has ten or more participants, then everyone receives 15% off their craft or the host will receive theirs free.

To order a craft or book a party, call Manchester today at 435-3990 or email her at To see monthly crafts available, find Mrs. Crafty Pants on Facebook. To browse all crafts produced by Crafty Wood Cutouts, visit To see premade crafts, visit Little Touch of Bling in Price. Mrs. Crafty Pants is located at 115 Carson Ave. in East Carbon.

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