Business Spotlight: Payne’s Boot & Leather


By Chad Greenhalgh

In the country song “The Cowboy Way” by singer Paul Bogart, you will find words that describe business owner Will Payne.

“You love the feel of good leather and the jingle in them spurs. You were born to carry on, so carry on the cowboy way,” it states.

Born as a little buckaroo and raised to be a cowboy, it’s no surprise that Payne has twisted his share of bulls and busted many broncs. It also comes as no surprise that he has taken what he loves and is turning it into a marketable trade. Turning his passion and hobby into a business, he and his wife Tammy started Payne’s Boot & Leather in May of 2013.

Starting out, Payne was mainly doing general leather work, saddle repair and chap making. After shipping boots of his own out of the area to get repaired, he went to custom boot making school to learn how to create and repair leather footwear, literally from the ground up!

Using a series of tracings and precise measurements of your foot and lower leg, Payne has the ability to truly build a pair of leather boots just for you. In addition to a personal design, look, color, style, toe and heel, Payne points out that most people’s right foot and left foot are different. With a pair of custom fit boots, that is no longer a problem. Nothing has the fit, feel or quality of a custom made pair of boots.

In addition to building leather footwear, Payne’s Boot & Leather also offers a full line of custom leather products and can repair any type of leather footwear from steel toed work boots to sandals and even law enforcement officers’ boots.

If you need custom footwear, belt, knife case, gun holster, suspenders, chaps, saddle or anything else made of leather, Payne’s Boot & Leather has done quality business across Utah and into Wyoming and Idaho.

“We can do a little bit of everything,” Payne said.

Payne’s Boot & Leather is located at 935 W. 300 No. in Cleveland. Find them on the web at or call by phone at (435) 749-1007.

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