Business Spotlight: Pine Top Medical


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By C.J. McManus

A trusted family physician is a vital need for any family. Finding someone you and your children trust can provide immense peace of mind when illness strikes. The Larsen’s at Pine Top Medical have made it their mission to craft individualized patient care right here in the Castle Country, creating one of the most trusted and respected new medical practices in the area. Doug and Joyce Larsen came to Carbon County six years ago to provide a safe home for their family, and they are looking to bring that same caring feeling to their patients.

“You have to genuinely care for the people you serve if you are going to be a good physician,” stated Dr. Doug Larsen, owner of Pine Top Medial. “Every doctor is smart, every nurse is smart and skilled; that is not what sets great patient care apart. It’s your manner, the way you listen that allows for effective care; that is what is going to make a difference in their lives.”

When Larsen made his way to Price after performing his residency in Phoenix, Arizona, he decided to stay for a great number of reasons.

“I can hunt here and fish here and be outdoors, so I loved it right away,” he explained. “However, the opportunity I was provided made this the place me and my family knew could be a home.”

Larsen and his family may not have landed in Price were it not for a great piece of physician recruitment by the administrators at Castleview Hospital.

“I never even applied here in Price,” explained Dr. Larsen. “I applied in Vernal for an internal medicine and outpatient position and it ended up that Castleview reached out to me.”

According to Larsen, Castleview’s Chief Executive Officer at the time, Mark Holyoak, reached out and invited him and his family to come to Price.

“He explained that Ashly Regional and Castleview are owned by the same company, and he was interested in talking to me. So, he paid for all of us to come out and see the area.”

Upon arriving, Larsen was impressed by the hospital, as Castleview was in the middle of a major remodel. He also immediately took note of the dedication to patient care that was expressed by the administration here in Price. While Larsen was impressed by the facilities and the philosophy here, it was the manner in which his family was treated that really sold him on the area.

“At other places we interviewed, they wanted to sit my wife and family in a hotel,” said Dr. Larsen. “But here, the hospital staff and several other physician’s wives took Joyce out to see the schools and what the area had to offer. That really made all the difference.”

Joyce has been critical in making Pine Top Medical what it is today by serving as the office’s manager and helping Dr. Larsen bring his philosophy of sincere patient care to those who see him.

“The way a doctor communicates with his patients really does matter,” explained Joyce. “We never wanted to be a ‘get in, get out office.’ When you work like that, your patients can tell. You have to take whatever time is needed to ensure trusted communication with the people you serve.”

As with most medical offices, a great many people assisted Dr. Larsen in establishing his practice. This included his parents Gene and Sue Larsen, and current Castleview CEO Greg Cook.

Pine Top Medical has set up roots in the community through not only their office but through sponsorships and community events. They recently sponsored the Price City Rodeo Roundup and Desert Thunder Raceway along with Cal Ripken Baseball.

Dr. Larsen is from Roy, Utah, attended Weber State University as an undergraduate studying microbiology and attended medical school at Touro University in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Dr. Larsen and his knowledgeable staff invite you to come in and experience the family atmosphere at Pine Top Medical today. They are currently taking new patients focusing on internal medicine. They specialize in diabetic and pre-diabetic patients as well as the administration of treatment for those suffering from allergy and chronic respiratory illness. Call Pine Top Medical today at (435) 637-5690 or visit them at 280 North Hospital Drive, Suite #4 in Price.

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