Business Spotlight: Rocky Mountain Home Care


Dezeray Stewart, CNA; Amber Christiansen, Assistant Office Manager; Amy Ruggeri, RN Medicaid Specialist; Amiee Gunter, RN Case Manager; Alison Marrelli, Licensed Clinical Social Worker; Michael Ellington, CNA; Danielle Birrell, RN Director of Clinical Services; Kristi Leeflang-McKee, RN Case Manager; Kelly Reed, Office Manager; Selene Molinar, CNA; KelliJo Juggert, CNA

For over 20 years, Rocky Mountain Home Care has been offering health care services throughout Utah and surrounding states. This includes a location in Price that has been serving patients for nearly 20 years.

In Carbon and Emery counties, Rocky Mountain Home Care aims to provide a variety health care services in a patient’s home 24 hours per day, under the supervision of a physician. This is short, intermittent care, usually brought on by a recent surgery, accident, acute illness, wound or other life-altering instances.

“One of the best parts of home care is you can provide service where the customer is comfortable,” explained Danielle Birrell, the director of Rocky Mountain Home Care in Price. “Our goal is to get patients back to their prior level of functioning, or close to it.”

Specifically, these servives range from nursing assessment and blood samples to medication management and teaching. Wound care, diabetic instruction and care, dietary teaching and I.V. therapy services are also offered. Skilled services are provided by a staff of four nurses while basic daily activities are assisted by a team of eight aides. Speech, occupational and physical therapists are also on staff to provide care in a home setting. While these services are highly specialized and personal, affordable options are available with most insurance plans.

“Home health is paid by a variety of sources,” Rocky Mountain Home Care shares. “Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance companies and social service organizations cover qualifying home care services.”

To navigate the payment maze, assistants are on hand to help patients and their families with their insurance and payment questions. A social worker is also on staff to provide counseling and bridge the gap between home care and other services a patient might require. An office manager and an assistant office manager round out the home care team, combining with other members of the staff for decades of experience.

“Our biggest asset is our longevity here,” Birrell explained. “Some of the employees have been here for over 10 years.”

This continuity of care pairs with specialized training, meaning each employee has obtained specific skill sets in the home care spectrum.

“Now, I believe we are at the best place we have ever been,” Birrell said.

This firmly established home care system has allowed Rocky Mountain to not only care for its patients, but also look to the community to further assist. The most recent display of this comes in the form of the Angel Baby Program kickstarted by Rocky Mountain over two years ago. The program, spurred by various losses to Rocky employees, provides funding to those that experience the loss of a baby.

The program earns funds largely from its annual Angel Baby Walk where citizens gather to donate and remember the babies that have left this world. Raised funds are then given to family struggling with a loss, aiming to provide financial relief for funeral and other associated costs.

“It was a service that was definitely needed,” Birrell said. “We take care of our patients but we want to take care of our community as well.”

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Rocky Mountain Home Care, please call (435) 637-0665 or visit You can also visit the Rocky Mountain office, open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., located at 60 East 100 North in Price.

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