Business Spotlight: Superior Striping Inc. and Asphalt Maintenance


Paul Riddle is the owner/president of Superior Striping Inc and Asphalt Maintenance in Orangeville. Riddle runs the day to day operations and is responsible for the bidding and scheduling of jobs. He also supervises the crews’ activity and prompt completion of all work and oversees the safety and orientation of new employees. Riddle manages customer relations as well.

Riddle and his wife moved to Orangeville in March of 2004 from San Diego, Calif. While living in Calif., Riddle was co-owner in a striping and asphalt maintenance business with his brother for 23 years. One of the jobs they performed was a yearly project that was done before the air show at the El Centro Naval Air Base in El Centro, Calif. They also maintained all road ways and parking lots on the base and hundreds, if not thousands, of miscellaneous jobs within Calif.

Superior Striping Inc. and Asphalt Maintenance opened in 2007 and perform work throughout Utah, portions of Idaho and Nevada. They are a state licensed and insured contractor and cover everything from asphalt to concrete maintenance, crack filling, road striping and painting. In addition to concrete and asphalt maintenance they also do road and street signage and are a licensed fence contractor.

People may wonder why they should seal the cracks in their asphalt. Cracks allow moisture penetration from rain, snow and ice to get under asphalt. This erodes the base of a parking lot or driveway. Failure to seal them results in further cracking, potholes and more expensive repairs.

To seal the cracks, they first clean all the cracks with pressurized air. They are then sealed using hydraulically pressurized hot-applied rubberized joint sealant that exceeds federal highway specifications.

At Superior Striping Inc. and Asphalt Maintenance, they pride themselves on quality work and superior customer service. Their services include:

Seal coating, hot rubber crack filling, small asphalt patching, pothole repair, power washing, line removal, snow removal, striping, parking lot design, ADA accessibility/upgrade, non-electrical signage, playgrounds and more.

They service large and small parking lots, roadways, residential areas, commercial lots and driveways.

To request a quote, contact Riddle at (435) 820-6523 or 1-800-SEALCOAT. Inquiries can also be sent to

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