Business Spotlight: Symbii


Many have asked, “What is Symbii?” The name Symbii was derived from the word symbiosis, meaning an interdependent or mutually beneficial relationship between two persons or groups. At Symbii, there is a belief that award-winning home healthcare revolves around relationships. That’s why Symbii is more that a company, it’s a philosophy. This philosophy is present in both the home health and hospice services they provide.

Symbii Home Health services connect patients who want to heal and manage their chronic disease with professionals who love what they do. Under the supervision of your personal physician, they’ll help you and your loved ones recover and progress in a way that benefits everyone.

At Symbii, there is a team of experienced nurses, aides, social workers, physical and occupational therapists. These professionals are able to work with patients on an individualized basis to increase independence and safety in the home.

Hospice care involves some of life’s most profound transitions. Accordingly, it requires a special level of expertise and dedication to patients and their families. With Symbii, you can expect a dependable and compassionate staff providing the full range of services to help your loved ones be as comfortable as possible when they need it most. Many of their staff have been providing hospice care in our community for many years. They have the experience that patients and families can count on to achieve the best quality of life for the patient and achieve optimal support for the family and other caregivers. Their experienced hospice team includes the medical director, registered nurse case managers, certified nursing assistants, social workers and a chaplain.

Hospice is a program of compassionate, family-centered care. The focus of hospice care is on palliative care and comfort measures. It often allows patients with a life-limiting illness or injury to remain at home, in greater control of their lives, surrounded by the people and things that give life meaning and comfort. It can also be a great support to patients and families who live in nursing facilities or assisted living.

Since the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of a terminal disease affect everyone in the home, hospice care serves the entire family, not just the patient. It involves a team-oriented approach to expert medical care and pain management as well as emotional and spiritual support expressly tailored to the person’s needs and wishes.

Many wonder when is the right time to start hospice care for someone with a life-limiting illness. In August 2010, The New England Journal of Medicine published an article stating, “Terminally ill patients who received palliative comfort care services lived nearly three months longer and enjoyed an improved quality of life compared to those who didn’t receive the attention of a palliative care team.”

Hospice is never meant to hasten the dying process. There are many benefits of starting hospice care earlier. Some of those benefits are:

  • Early election allows hospice professionals to build longer relationships and improve care.
  • When pain and other symptoms are controlled, people feel better and live longer.
  • Patients and families become knowledgeable with the dying process, and can achieve peace and comfort with pending death.
  • Time allows experts to assist patients and families with funeral and financial planning. Being logistically prepared relieves families so they can focus on their loved one when life matters most.

Symbii Home Health and Hospice in Price is one of four locations in the state of Utah. There are also branches in Layton, Salt Lake and Orem. The Price branch has been providing care in Carbon and Emery counties since August 2012. They have a great team of medical professionals who provide life-changing service for patients and families. They also strive to be a great resource for providers and the community.

The team at Symbii would like to thank all the patients, families, providers and the community for all their support over the past two years. They are honored by all those who have placed their trust with them in providing care that patients and families need at times when it is needed most. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer any questions you may have about the services they provide. Call anytime at (435) 637-7225.

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