Business Spotlight: The Swamp Dog


When the summer heat rolls in, Tom Grimm works to keep Castle Country residents cool with his business The Swamp Dog.

Grimm relocated to Castle Country in 1976 for a job, ultimately meeting his wife and establishing roots in Huntington. To go along with three kids and a successful career, Grimm spent time throughout the years servicing his own swamp cooler as well as those of friends and family, discovering there was a great need in the local area for someone to service evaporative cooling systems. With that realization last spring, he opened The Swamp Dog for service in May and was met with overwhelming support.

“I just wanted to help people,” Grimm said. “I wanted a hobby job and it turned into a full-time job. I worked nonstop for three months last year because there were so many people who needed these services.”

Grimm’s work revolves around the service and maintenance of swamp coolers. This includes checking belts, water distribution, filters, pads and bearings. He will then replace parts as necessary in order to make coolers run more efficiently. One of the keys for efficiency, according to Grimm, is changing pads annually, which he does during service calls.

In the spring, Grimm will vacuum the cooler to prepare it for operation. In the fall, he offers winterization services to ensure coolers are properly insulated and ready for the winter season.

The Swamp Dog services window and roof units for residents and businesses. Grimm can even replace existing swamp coolers with newer, more efficient models.

Grimm serves Carbon and Emery counties and is available Monday through Saturday by appointment and for emergency services. To schedule an appointment or learn more, please call (435) 749-2130. The Swamp Dog is licensed and insured.



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