Business Spotlight: Tine Designs by Mindi


Tine Designs by Mindi is owned and operated by Mindi Luke from Ferron. She makes original jewelry using deer and elk antlers.

Mindi is an avid hunter, a conservationist, an entrepreneur and a jewelry designer. Tine Designs by Mindi started for all of those reasons. She wanted to share her passion for hunting and the outdoors through her love of jewelry. She takes pride in her work and wears it each day knowing she is making a statement of who she is.

Mindi’s jewelry experience came from working in fine jewelry stores during college. There, she learned the importance of unique jewelry that has meaning to the owner. She does custom orders on a regular basis for customers using their own antlers, whether from animals they have harvested or shed antlers they have found. She has recently started her own line of elk ivory and antler jewelry and takes many custom orders using the customer’s personal ivories. She also has an entire line of pre-made antler jewelry that can be purchased at any time at Naturally Inspired in Castle Dale or from her Etsy website.

Many other businesses that make antler jewelry say that their jewelry is “cruelty free.” Tine Designs by Mindi takes pride in is from where she gets her antlers. Though most of the antler used in her antler jewelry comes from naturally shed deer antlers, some come from animals that have been harvested by hunters like herself. Mindi said she does not view hunting as cruelty, so “you will never see me advertise my jewelry in that manner.”

“Here at Tine Designs by Mindi, I support hunting and hunters worldwide,” she said.

Customers can find Tine Designs by Mindi at Naturally Inspired in Castle Dale (55 West Main St, Castle Dale), on Etsy (, Facebook ( and Instagram (@tinedesignsbymindi)


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