Business Spotlight: TougHer


Blasting into the 2017 year, TougHer is celebrating is fifth year in business, currently taking Castle Country by storm after its beginning in California.

In January of 2013, Alida Farlaino opened TougHer in California before moving to Utah in 2015. Now, the gym finds itself on Price’s Main Street, offering women a place for all of their fitness needs. 

However, before the business began, Farlaino set to work on naming her new gym. After crossing a finish line to the words of Johnny Cash, “Life’s rough so you gotta be tough,” the word tough stuck in her head. “Tough” slowly morphed into “tougher” and then into “TougHer.” On January 1, 2013 TougHer, LLC officially opened for business.

TougHer offers 32 classes each week along with one-on-one training with certified professionals, partner training, customized fitness programs, motivation and fun fitness events. The first Friday of every month they host “First Friday” with vendors, DJs and prizes. TougHer also offers events to clients such as concealed carry classes, anti-gravity yoga, power lifting competitions and fundraisers of all kinds.

TougHer classes are based on what its members’ interests are. Women can find dancing classes (Zumba, Country Heat and Sweaxy), skill specific classes (powerlifting, fight conditioning and spin), classes for specific problem areas (abs, upper body, lower body and weights) and classes for calming and stretching (yoga, power stretch and anger management).

“TougHer is a living, breathing creature that is the product of all its clients’ input,” Farlaino explained. “We add classes, services and products based on what they want and need.”

The women at TougHer have goals to achieve and they compete in various areas. Clients have participated in the Boston Marathon, power lifting competitions, Provo’s Haunted Half Marathon, Goblin Valley Ultra Marathon, Little Grand Canyon Marathon, several Ragnars, mud runs, color runs, obstacle courses and other fitness events.

TougHer is a gym for women of all ages. Right now, TougHer’s youngest member is 13 and their oldest is 81-years-old. While a large age gap may exist between members, TougHer is specialized in improving the lives of all women.

“Working toward health and fitness goals is a very personal thing and women face many unique challenges,” Farlaino said. “For example, a man will never know what it is like to try to get your body back after having a baby. We also face hormonal challenges and pressure from society and the media. It is nice to be able to work on ourselves in a building full of other women facing the same struggles and challenges.”

In an all-female environment, these issues can be addressed in comfortable and familiar surroundings. The added bonus of “girl time” and social aspects are also a draw for members.

“I think TougHer has given women a healthy, fun, safe place to gather, de-stress and exercise,” Farlaino said. “We have given women a place to go to share their amazing triumphs. At our fitness events, I have seen women have something to be proud of and something to share with their families.”

In 2016, TougHer also stepped up the amount of community service it does by donating to the Boys & Girls Club of Carbon County, the Matthew Lembke Foundation, Spencer’s Wishes, Katie Edward’s Medical Fund, Angel Babies and many more local organizations.

“Thank you to everyone who has had a hand in helping this amazing business grow,” Farlaino said. “Thank you to our investors, clients and friends. Thank you to everyone who has helped with renovations, moving equipment, boosting my confidence, business advice, giving us discounts on equipment and those who have opened doors for us.

“Thank you to everyone who has come to the gym, to a class, to personal training,” Farlaino continued. “Thank you to those who have referred friends and family, those who have reviewed us on social media, those who have posted progress pictures, those who have encouraged others. You are all the real reason TougHer is successful. We would not be even close to where we are without you.”

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