Business Spotlight: Worley-Jensen Monuments


Worley-Jensen Monuments is a locally owned and operated monument service company located in downtown Price.

The business specializes in headstones and markers that will help their clients remember loved ones with an individual and personalized touch. They also specialize in signs, pet markers and civic monuments. Worley-Jensen Monuments is currently working on the Miners Memorial and recently completed the Veteran’s Memorial in Huntington.

In January 2014, Worley-Jensen Monuments gained new ownership. Kelly and Tennille Larsen were visiting Worley-Jensen Monuments to create a headstone for a loved one when they learned the current owners were looking to sell the business. Kelly has a 15-year background in creating movie and convention sets and had the knowledge to take over. Kelly, who is originally from Emery County, and his wife Tennille, from Carbon County, wanted to return to the area after living up north and were quick to jump on the opportunity of owning Worley-Jensen Monuments. Both Kelly and Tennille, alongside Gordon Larsen, Kelly’s father, operate Worley-Jensen Monuments.

The main focus and specialization of Worley-Jensen Monuments is headstones. They believe in helping the community design and create personalized headstones with countless details to represent loved ones who have passed on, all at an affordable price. They understand that purchasing a headstone is a difficult time for family and friends. Worley-Jensen Monuments would like to relieve some of the stress and help create a headstone that will represent and commemorate loved ones.

Pet markers, signs, civic monuments and almost anything made from granite are also available at Worley-Jensen Monuments. They are willing to work with clients to create memorable pieces at an affordable price.

Though the weather has cooled down, don’t wait untill spring to order headstones. Worley-Jensen Monuments has begun taking orders for spring headstones already. For more information or to order headstones, call (435) 637-4400 or stop by their location at 45 West 100 North in Price. Worley-Jensen Monuments is open Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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