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The Carbon wrestling team is looking forward to its second season with head coach Trent Greenhall and his staff. The Dinos built a lot of momentum toward the end of last season and the goal is to keep the program moving in a positive direction.

“We’re picking up where we left off, definitely we’re ahead of where we were last year,” Greenhall explained. “Just continue what we’re doing. I felt like it was coming together and got some good feedback from some coaches about how our kids were wrestling. Really, it’s just continuing what we are doing. I’m really happy with where it’s going, they’re working hard. I’m excited for them.”

After losing only two seniors, there is certainly a lot of experience returning to the mat. That includes a handful of seniors, who will set the tone for the Dino grapplers. “I’m excited. They will do well and be good leaders,” added Greenhall.

That does not mean that Carbon does not have some up and comers as well. In fact, 13 freshmen will be joining the ranks to help the program continue its growth. Greenhall has been impressed with the large freshman class, stating that they do all that he asks of them and repeatably come back for more. “They’re really gritty.”

The Dinos have a lot of depth in the lower weights, but will be stretched thin in the upper classes. “There will be a good battle at 106 this year, we have four of them in the room,” Greenhall continued. “Our 126-132, there are close to 10 or 12 guys in those two weights. It’s a good problem to have but also a bummer problem to have, because you only get two guys to wrestle varsity. But it will be a good battle, they’ll push each other. I assume that’s where we’ll see the most growth this year.”

One particular tradition the new coaching staff started last season was the introduction of the Extinction Event. The team will come together at the high school at 5 p.m. and stay until 5 a.m. The team will run, swim and obviously wrestle during those 12 hours.

“We don’t want the dinosaurs to go extinct too fast, right?” answered Greenhall when asked about the name. “It’s super cool. They love it. Well, hate it and love it.”

In addition, the boys will have a chance to write themselves a letter that will be given back to them just before the region meet. It’s a great time for the squad to build camaraderie and set goals for the season, both collectively and individually.

“You always have high hopes. We’re going to be a different more intense team than we were last year,” Greenhall concluded. “Last year was more of a getting used to me, the style, but they’re really buying into the system.”

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