Cal Ripken region championship games *Image Gallery*

After a season full of hard work, practice, success and failure, the Cal Ripken all-star teams finished up region action and are heading on to state tournament play. The successful teams at the state tournament levels will get an opportunity to head to the next level. The pressure is big on the young players, but they rise to the occasion and play ball.

On Friday Carbon White 10 lost the semifinal game to Emery in a slugfest. Emery 10 had to turn right around and face Carbon Blue 10 in the championship game. The fresher Carbon Blue 10 was able to take the title over Emery 10.

A few fields down had Emery 11 taking on Carbon Blue 11 for the tiebreaker game. It was Emery that came out ahead and winning the championship in that game.

On Saturday Carbon Blue 12 and Helper 12 went head-to-head. It was all Carbon Blue 12 for the championship in that game.

Helper eight-year-olds head to Monroe for state. Price nine-year-olds will travel to Richfield for their state title quest. Emery and Carbon Blue 10 year olds will get to play in Price starting July 10th. Carbon White 10 will head to Beaver.

Both Carbon Blue and Emery 11-year-olds will travel to Richfield. Finally, in the 12-year-old level Carbon Blue heads to Nephi while Helper travels to Panquitch.

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